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Thank you for choosing to learn a little more about me as an artist and about my business.  Your time is precious so I am honored that you are spending a bit of it here with me!!  Choosing a photographer to capture your family is not an easy assignment.  There are some incredibly talented photographers out there who all have different styles so I will touch on a few aspects that make me unique.

I am a native Floridian.  I was raised in Bradenton & on Anna Maria Island.  I am a natural light photographer.  For me, photography is about two things…light and emotion.  Light simply captivates me.  Especially back-light.  I’m in love with golden back-light and bright airy photos.  I love watching the light change, dance, move and illuminate.  I am constantly aware of what the light is doing.  I see the world in relation to the light.  Whether it be alley ways,  open rooms, faces and fields all in relation to how the light is falling.  I am also drawn to raw emotions and the moments in between.  Pure emotion that comes from the true soul of a human.  Whether joy or sadness or anticipation…I am drawn to it.  And I love moments that hang in the balance.  Light and emotions…I guess you could say, I am in constant pursuit of them in their purest forms.

It is said that when a passion and a career collide, a dream is born.  Well, I can honestly say, I am living my dream.  Living and working in this sun-drenched state, brings me great joy.  Families travel from all over the world to vacation along the Gulf Coast, the very place I call home.  Bridal couples go to great lengths to plan their weddings on our sandy shores.  And I get to capture it all!! I am blessed beyond measure.

I am a southern, beach girl at heart.  I am most at home in the waves and on the shore of Anna Maria Island.  I was raised here and I raised my three children there.  I love all things sports related. I love Belgian beers and warm Merlot. I am adventurous and love new experiences while I am also quite comfortable to stay at home. I am an introvert who knows my limits. I adore ripped up jeans, over sized sweaters and one of a kind, chunky jewelry.  I adore children and relate uncommonly well to them. I cherish snuggling with my children who are all just about too big for that now. I attend church. I cuss a little. I am an only child.  I love my friends and I am fiercely loyal.  I try to maintain a clean and tidy home (I said try).  I love southern rock and football.  That’s enough about me.  Feel free to ask me any more questions.  I am an open book!!  P.S.  I am truly terrified of lizards.

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